Piercings and prices

Metal Morphosis keep up with the latest trends in piercing and bring them to you on the high street. Our highly trained and experienced staff can perform all kinds of ear, facial, oral and body piercings. We also offer microdermal piercings and much more. If you have any specific questions please get in touch with one of our studios.

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Intimate piercings

Some of you will remember us from back in the day when we used to do intimate piercings in Soho. We are still one of the few fully licensed studios for both male and female intimate piercings in Central London. We are approved by Tower Hamlets Council and Health UK. Our specialist piercers in Hackney Road offer intimate piercings by appointment only. If you have any questions, would like to see us for a consultation or would like to make a booking please contact our Hackney Road Studio.

Piercings safety & hygene

Our clients’ safety is of the utmost importance to us. All of our piercing staff are fully trained and licensed. Not only will you get a great looking piercing but you will be in safe hands from start to finish. All of our piercing equipment is disposable to uphold the highest levels of hygiene and safety, so you can rest assured that your piercing is given the utmost care and attention.

How to pre­pare for a pierc­ing

  1. 1. Choose your piercing, make sure you know what you want and that you’re comfortable with it.
  2. 2. Get plenty of sleep the night before your treatment. It is advisable to not drink alcohol the night before your appointment, even if you don’t drink enough to get hungover.
  3. 3. Make sure you have eaten before you come in. We ask that all clients have eaten something within the last hour before receiving a treatment. This is important for raising your blood sugar levels and reducing nausea.
  1. 4. If you are getting a body piercing, please ensure you wear comfortable and appropriate clothing. Tight non-breathable clothes will irritate the new piercing.
  2. 5. Be aware of our age policy, it is important that you bring a valid form of I.D. such as a driver’s license or passport. If you are 16 and under you must bring a parent or legal guardian to co-sign our consent forms. For more info about age limits please see the piercing T&Cs page.
  3. 6. Please try to arrive at your appointment at least 5 minutes early. If this is your first time it can help to bring a friend for support.

Piercings t's and c's

We operate a very strict age policy in accordance with UK law. This is to protect both you and us. It is important that you bring a valid form of identification to your appointment, either a driver’s license or passport. Any lobe piercing of a client 16 and under must have a parent or legal guardian present to sign a consent form. We retain the right to refuse the treatment if these factors are not adhered to.

Body piercings: 17+
Genital piercings: 18+
Earlobe piercings: 17+ or with a present legal guardian

For any type of piercing or tattooing you will need to fill out a consent form. This is not a waiver releasing us of all blame, but a very important document that you need to read and sign. The form’s main purpose is to highlight any health issues you may have that would affect us treating you. Please read through the consent form and if you have any questions our staff will be on hand to help you out.

We have a strict no alcohol policy, even the smallest amount of alcohol can thin the blood and affect any procedure. If we think you are intoxicated we reserve the right to refuse the treatment.

If your tattoo is to contain any type of text or numbers, you must supply the information as we cannot take any responsibility for translations.

Many designs look great on paper but don’t translate well to skin. Overly detailed designs don’t last, ink may spread overtime meaning that detail is lost and the design is compromised. Be mindful that some designs might not work as well on some parts of the body and may need a little redesign.