Choosing your design

We have thousands of designs for you to choose from, however if you want to choose your own don’t limit yourself. Almost anything can be used as inspiration or part of a design. People bring us all sorts of references, so feel free to give us a challenge. Our talented artists will be able to help you with your tattoo, even if it’s a rough sketch or a print out. It doesn’t have to be a tattoo related image, it can be almost anything from anywhere. Our talented artists will redraw the design to ensure it’s the tattoo you want.

If your tattoo is to contain any type of text or numbers, you must supply the information as we cannot take any responsibility for translations.
Many designs look great on paper but don’t translate well to skin. Overly detailed designs don’t last, ink may spread overtime meaning that detail is lost and the design is compromised. Be mindful that some designs might not work as well on some parts of the body and may need a little redesign.